Love My Body, 2in1 Shampoo and Shower Gel , 300 ml (0)

Love My Body, 2in1 Shampoo and Shower Gel , 300 ml


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why you'll love IT

Enjoy the feel of nature on your skin!

In Zoe 2in1 shampoo and shower gel you'll find the 96% natural formula that nurtures and cleans your skin while hidrating and protecting it from drying out. The wheat proteins along with the greeen tea extract give you those feel good tingles that rush through your skin. Enjoy the feel of silky skin!

Zoe „Love my body“ cosmetic line

Skin is our body's shell – it's our biggest and most exposed organ. This is why we need to do everything to protect and nourish it. Zoe „Love my body“ skin care line of products was desigend to provide your body with the nurishment it deserves. Made of natural ingredients, Zoe „Love my body“ product line of active cosmetics was produced so that your skin could be soft, smooth and nourished.

Zoe philosphy is that every body deserves the right skin care. In Zoe, we are all about loving your own body. Our bodies can be curved, leaned, muscled, differently shaped and as such they are beautiful in every single way. Our bodies need nurture and care for they are our everyday armour. Try our Zoe „Love my body“ cosmetics and fall in love with your everyday beauty rutines!


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