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Zoe Fly Fitness Gloves, Black


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Feminity and quality!

Zoe gloves are made of solid, reliable and durable materials so they can withstand any weight training or equipment. They are designed so that the mesh fabric on the upper side allows excellent breathability, better grip and complete flexibility.

The underside is made of enhanced solid material to prevent blisters, pain and injuries. It allows easier control during performance, prevents skin irritation and provides a secure grip which will enable more repetition. Zoe Fly Fitness Gloves are practical and fit in every bag.

First gloves that combine fashion and fitness!

In every item, Zoe tends to combine fashion and fitness. These gloves offer lots of usage possibilities - from fitness, weight lifting, to cycling. Gloves are ideal partner for high-quality results and will become an essential part of your workout.


  • great design
  • flexible form, comfort and breathability
  • perfect grip on the weights and weight maximum stability in the ankle to prevent injuries
  • Composition: Polyurethane 50% Nylon 30% Polyester 10%, Elastane 10%


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