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New leggings for a new you!

Collection inspired by you and the life changes you have been working on in the recent months has given us the motivation to make leggings in which you will always feel happy and satisfied. Serene leggings are designed to always make you look perfect and to support your life on the go. Therefore, no matter what you do, you’ll look great.

New technology for an even better feeling!

Serene leggings bring you the perfect combination of comfort, design and style that guarantees you a perfect fit in all situations. We took your favorite Shine leggings and perfected the cut. The new Zoe elastic band in the waistband is soft so you don't even feel it exercising, and yet firm to keep everything in place. Quality Italian material which they are made of is stretchy enough so you can have freedom of movement in them and compact enough to shape you nicely. Serene leggings are the perfect blend of simplicity and a small twist making them a great choice for any activity. If you want to break the monotony you can choose these leggings in 4 colors.

Composition: 65% Polyamide, 35% Elastane

Technologies: Shaping - High, Muscle support, UV protection 50+


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