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Seductive in all occasions!

Feeling good is just as important as looking good. It is Dea leggings that will, with their design, provide you with top characteristics, but also a challenging and unique look. In addition to loving them for their simple and classic design, the combination of glossy and matte materials will make them simply irresistible. They come in an eternal black color, so they will quickly become your new favorite piece in the wardrobe. Dea leggings are a perfect choice for training, but also for casual daily outings when you skip going to the gym.

The most advanced technology for a superior look!

The combination of top Italian and French material and a precisely placed waistband on the back will visually narrow your waist and emphasize your buttocks. It will fit your body perfectly and your skin will continue to breathe. Thanks to their top features, they are also perfect for medium-intensity activities during which you will feel and look fantastic. The material of these tights stretches in all directions, which is why they will be a perfect support while you exercise, and they are also squat proof, so you won't have to worry about them being transparent! The seams will emphasize your legs and muscles, while the hourglass figure will stand out perfectly due to a special sewing technique.

  • Technologies:  Muscle support, Shaping,  UV protection
  • Composition:  74% Poliamid, 26% Elastan / 79% Poliamid, 21% Elastan


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