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why you'll love IT

For moderate intensity activities

Self-confidence is the key to success

You walk through life having faith in everybody and everything, but do you trust yourself? Without solid attitude and self-confidence it’s hard to take control. We want you to succeed and success is not about what you have, but what you are. And to us, you are a fearless woman who can do anything. Remind yourself of who you are by wearing the T-shirt that encourages you in the language of love.

Excuse our French!

You are f***ing amazing! Pardon our French, but we just want to make sure you damn as well know it. Enjoy this comfy cotton T-shirt and style it up with some new ideas.

  • Undeniable comfort
  • Made with love in EU
  • Moderate intensity
  • Composition: 95% CO, 5% EA
  • Colors: black and burgundy


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