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Explore a hidden story!

We had a task of offering you something beautiful, modern, unusual. Lucent leggings hide their story in the seams of their elegant lines and contemporary design. Enjoy in the moment, get going and tell us your views, outlook on life and the world around you. Be special and mysterious in new seductive leggings!

Made for you!

Ready to exercise or relax, these leggings will make you have everything in place! They are made of quality Italian material that is stretchable in two directions, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear, has a compression effect on your body and shapes you in all the right places! In these leggings you will feel quality support through while you workout. Striped mesh at the lower part makes them a true fashion statement piece.

Composition: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

Technologies: Shaping - Moderate level, Muscle support, UV protection 50+


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